Party and Nightlife

Party and Nightlife

Brazilians are fun-loving and friendly people. Catch one of the hundreds of weekly funk shows, where dj’s and dancers offer a musical experience. You will probably hear Favela-funk, also called “Funk Carioca”or “baile funk”, the Rio preferred music among the youth of Rio. This is Rio’s answer to hip-hop, with elements of samba and electronic, African rhythms and soul.

An interesting event in Rio de Janeiro in December is the Confetti Battle, Flower Battle and Sea Bathing in fancy dresses which will take place on the Copacabana shores. The battle is a tribute to the 1910-1930s Carnival as during those periods the Carnival was all about confetti and flower battles. This event will be followed by an antique cars parade, with veteran cars. Furthermore, there will be a presentation of five live Nativity Scenes, which will represent diversity. The participants will be wearing crepe paper costumes and end the performance by sea bathing in their dresses. This is a must-see event.


Nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the home to some of the most interesting bars in the entire world.

Avenida General San Martin 1011, Leblon

Garota de Ipanema (the girl from Ipanema)
Address: Rua Vinicius de Moraes 49, Ipanema

Baronetti– is a pricey restaurant and club in Ipanema with a plush, modern and white interior that accentuates the coffee-brown skin of the designer-clad girls from Ipanema. Here you can eat sushi or enjoy great cocktails. The alub is in a larger downstairs space, with home-grown DJ’s specializing in original American house.

Melt – is a restaurant and lounge bar, popular among the high society of Brazil.

Bar d’Hotel – is as a sexy hangout with Italian food for beautiful people that enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean.

Balcony Bar which many consider to be the best bar in all Brazil

Avenida Atlântica 3432, Copacabana,

Bip Bip
Address: Rua Almirante Gonçalves 50

Nuth in Barra da Tijuca

Selaron Steps in Rio
Brazil, City of Rio de Janeiro, View of the Selaron Steps connecting Lapa and Santa Teresa Neighbourhoods.

Entertainment in Lapa

Lapa, famous for its street parties.

In the heart of Lapa you will find Feira Rio Antigo ( the Fair Old River) and Rua do Lavradio.  Feira Rio Antigo takes place every first Saturday of the month, from 10am to 18pm, and gathers in the heart of Lapa about 400 exhibitors, selling from trinkets to craft, while restaurants put their tables on the sidewalk and you will find dance groups and live music.

Caipirinhas and beatiful women with small bikinis in Rio de Janeiro. Weekend nights are one big town festival site with music of the samba line.  If you enjoy the nightlife downtown party spots like Lapa Arches is where you want to be on a Friday night around midnight. Here the party going on and in the streets, and inside the clubs for all tastes.
Hotels close to Arcos da Lapa

Party Portuguese language

Hello beautiful
Oi linda.

Can I buy you a drink?
Quer beber alguma coisa?


It was cool
Foi maneiro

You can also find thieves, drugs, hookers and other interesting people at some of Rios popular night hotspots like Icy, Hideaway, Zero Zero Catwalk and Baronetti.

The area around the Largo do Machado in Flamengo’s nice. There are many bars and cafes and you get a sense of how the older Rio looks.

Drug use
A survey of adolescents in institutions for youth offenders conducted in 1999 in Rio de Janeiro showed that 90% had used drugs at some point in their lives, about 60% in the last six months and 31% in the last month. The most frequently used drug was marijuana (77%), while crack was mentioned by 10%.

The effects of violence on drug trafficking in Brazil
The retail drug market in Rio has been dubbed the Movimento (“the movement”). High rates of murdered or seriously wounded youths involved in drug trafficking and the dispute for territories and favelas controlled by gangs using weapons.

Drug Use and Trafficking in Rio de Janeiro Some remarks on harm reduction policies
Authors: Michel Misse and Joana D. Vargas

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