Music and Samba

Music and Samba

Do you ever see a samba show is Rio the right place. Here, you could see the feathered clothes that would otherwise only be presented at the annual carnival. Most hotels tend to give you the opportunity to book you on the samba nights. A bus will pick you up at hotel and drive back after the show is over.

Different flavours of samba
The music is like the culture a melting pot with influences from different cultures. There are different flavours of Samba for instances Samba de roda, Samba carioca, samba partido alto, samba reggae, samba con rap etc. From Rio some of the most famous samba artists are Zeca Pagodinho, Martinho da Vila, the guitarist Baden Powell, and the legend Paulinho da Viola.

Other music styles
There are also other music styles in Brazil for instance MPB (Música Popular Brazileira) with popular artists like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. You also have Axé (Bahían artist like Ivete Sangalo), Forró, funk Carioca.

Baile funk – for the adventurous there are “forbidden” funk parties in the favelas organized by the drug syndicate, the Red command. The easiest and least dangerous is to visit the funk parties in the favela Rocinha, Rio’s largest favela.

You have jazz night at The Maze, in the favela Tavares Bastos, in the district of Catete.
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Plano B is one of the most extremely few places in the city where international DJs work an interesting mixture of techno, dub and electronic music every single week. You can get your beer from there or if you prefer, from any of the bars that are in Lapa. Plano B is a recording store of waking time and on the quieter weekday nights, they show various movies.

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