Visa and passport information

Visa and passport information

Brazil Visa, Passport & Entry Requirements

Tourist Visa: 90 days.

All nationalities requires a valid passport
Exemptions apply to nationals from the following countries, which also can present a valid alternative identity instead of passport: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Citizens who belong to the following countries does not require a visa for admission as a tourist:

Andorra, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Holy See, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg , Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia, Netherlands, Korea, New Zealand, Austria, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, San Marino, Switzerland, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia , Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Uruguay, Venezuela.


Remember to save the form you get on the plane and passport stamped by inspectors upon arrival in Brazil. The form must be presented together with their passport upon departure from Brazil. If the form has been lost you may get fines upon your departure.

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