Culture and the Modern Art Museum

Brazilian art is steadily going global with global profiles like Lygia Clark, Beatriz Milhazes and Laura Lima.

You find cultural areas in the areas from Rua 1 de Marco and Praça XV to Avenida Presidente Vargas.

Museum of Modern Art, was created in 1948 and it is dedicated to Brazilian art and to Rio itself. A terrible fire in 1978 destroyed 90 percent of the collection, the Museum of Modern Art, finally get back on its feet and now have 11,000 permanent works, including Brazilian artists like Maria Martins, Bruno Giorgi and Di Cavalcanti.

Price: 5 real
Adress: Av Infante Dom Henrique 85
Phone: +55 21 2240 4944
Official website: (not in english)
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Museu International de Arte Naif do Brasil (MIAN)
Worlds biggest collection of naive art among them the famous and gigantic “Rio de Janeiro, Gosto de Você” by Lia Mittarakis
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Casa Daros
The museum is devoted to contemporary Latin American art

The Museum of sound of image
New museum will be opening 2013


  • Galeria Gentil Carioca
  • Galeria Progetti


  • Museu de Arte Moderna- Rio
  • Centro de Referência da Música Carioca
  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
    arange several cultural events,
  • Museu Casa do Pontal
  • Capacete
  • Casa França-Brasil

Historical areas in Rio
One can see the historical traces of the colonial past in places like Praça Quinze (Praça XV) which is the center of the old city. Already in 1590 the Carmelite monks built a monastery here and two emperors have been crowned in the square.

You can also visit Museu Hístorico Nacional which is close to Praça XV.

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